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Journal series: Geographie und Schule

The German journal "Geographie und Schule" from Aulis Verlage publishes the CEDIM series "Risk mapping in Germany" in its issues 165 to 171. The pdf-files are available for download (in German).



In 2006, the journal "Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences" published a CEDIM special issue "Methods for risk assessment and mapping in Germany".

Editor(s): H. Kreibich, A. Thieken, L. Stempniewski, and J. Zschau


  • Preface "Methods for risk assessment and mapping in Germany"

  • Regionalisation of asset values for risk analyses
    A. H. Thieken, M. Müller, L. Kleist, I. Seifert, D. Borst, and U. Werner

  • Flood-risk mapping: contributions towards an enhanced assessment of extreme events and associated risks
    B. Büchele, H. Kreibich, A. Kron, A. Thieken, J. Ihringer, P. Oberle, B. Merz, and F. Nestmann

  • Estimation of the regional stock of residential buildings as a basis for a comparative risk assessment in Germany
    L. Kleist, A. H. Thieken, P. Köhler, M. Müller, I. Seifert, D. Borst, and U. Werner

  • Seismic risk mapping for Germany
    S. Tyagunov, G. Grünthal, R. Wahlström, L. Stempniewski, and J. Zschau

  • Data management and GIS in the Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM): from integrated spatial data to the mapping of risk
    P. Köhler, M. Müller, M. Sanders, and J. Wächter

  • CEDIM Risk Explorer – a map server solution in the project "Risk Map Germany"
    M. Müller, S. Vorogushyn, P. Maier, A. H. Thieken, T. Petrow, A. Kron, B. Büchele, and J. Wächter

  • Winter storm risk of residential structures – model development and application to the German state of Baden-Württemberg
    P. Heneka, T. Hofherr, B. Ruck, and C. Kottmeier

  • Development of a methodology to assess man-made risks in Germany
    D. Borst, D. Jung, S. M. Murshed, and U. Werner

The articles are available for download here .