BRAIN BITES | Hot nights in Palermo?

6 March 2024 12:30 Uhr – 13:30 Uhr in the Triangel
Speaker: Susanne Benz


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 Mohammad Shahhosseini
Multi-Risk Indicators Approach for Urban Resilience Assessment | Interim Results

The INCREASE-MIA subproject, led by KIT is addressing the complexities of urban resilience assessment, offering in-depth analyses and practical pathways towards disaster-resilient urban development.



 Andreas Schäfer
Disaster & risk data in a new look

The CEDIM/Risklayer Explorer brings together new and comprehensive data and analysis on disasters and risks – Continuously and in near real-time.



 Andreas Schäfer
Danger from flooding and extreme weather events in BW – How local authorities protect themselves

Disaster researcher Andreas Schäfer live on the programme "Leute" on SWR1 Baden-Württemberg on Monday, 29 January 2024 at 10:00 a.m.



 Andreas Schäfer
CEDIM FDA Report "Noto Earthquake (Japan; January 2024)"


 Bildagentur PantherMedia/DogoraSun (YAYMicro)
Climate crisis costs: rescue package for threatened nations

International study in the run-up to COP28: Public-private partnerships could help protect developing countries from the financial consequences of climate change.



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