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Disaster research conducted in CEDIM


One year after the disaster – CEDIM presents studies on the Ahr floods

In the night of July 14 to 15, 2021, the unthinkable happened in  Germany. A torrential rainfall of up to 150 liters  poured into the narrow valley of the Ahr in the Eastern Eifel. SRH Campus Report talks to Susanna Mohr about new results that have recently been published.


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Podcast on "Earthquake-Proof Buildings"

With Andreas Schäfer in the BR Podcast "Earthquake-Proof Architecture - Prepared for "The Big One"


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Save The Date: 20 years CEDIM

20 years of disaster research at CEDIM

andreas-schaefer_750x500.jpgAndreas Schäfer
Ahr flood: How vulnerable are people with disabilities during catastrophes?

For people with disabilities and senior citizens, the consequences of natural hazards are often particularly severe. As studies also show, they are disproportionately represented among the fatalities. Christina Helberg, together with Andreas Schäfer, examines the question of how well people from vulnerable groups in Germany are protected in extreme situations.

PI_2022_67_750x500.pngDominik Kuhn
Climate change and land use changes favor flood events

KIT press release on our current studies on the flood disaster in the Eifel in 2021 including the future development of such extreme events



CEDIM FlyerSusanna Mohr
New CEDIM Flyer

Appropriately for 20 years of disaster research in CEDIM a new flyer



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