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Can reservoirs be used simultaneously for flood, heat and drought protection?

Preparing for the future



Now CEDIM tweets

CEDIM now has its own Twitter account: @CEDIM_KIT

PrimeBhutanSusanna Mohr
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan visiting KIT

During his visit to KIT, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Dr. Lotay Tshering, also informed about research at CEDIM.



Are drought events becoming more frequent in the Rhine catchment?

High temperatures and absence of precipitation contributes to more recurrent drought events in the Rhine River Basin.



CEDIM members helps Ukraine prepare for nuclear emergency

To prepare Ukraine for a nuclear catastrophe, researchers of CEDIM support with a prediction system. Wolfgang Raskob in an interview with SWR.


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CEDIM FDA: Earthquake Turkey Syria Feb. 2023

FDA Report No.1 "Kahramanmaraş & Elbistan Earthquake Turkey", as of 08 February 2022
pdf (in German)

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