Podcast "The Climate" with the topic Floods in Germa

Podcast with Peter Knippertz about the Ahr flood 2021, the two related CEDIM papers, climate change and flood protection.


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 Susanna Mohr
Floods: What we can learn from them?

The worst of the June floods in southern Germany is over. The debate about the consequences is now underway. CEDIM colleague Andreas Schäfer explains what steps need to be taken.


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CEDIM FDA Report "Exceptional precipitation and flooding in southern Germany in June 2024"

As of June 6, 2024


pdf (In German)

Hail suppression by aircraft in BW: Protection against storm damage or ineffective?

Do hail suppression by aircraft protect against storm damage? This has not been scientifically proven, according to hail researcher Michael Kunz in an SWR report.


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Gargantuan hail in northern Italy: Natural climate variability or climate change?

In July 2023, northern Italy witnessed two unprecedented European hailstone records. These occurrences prompt
questions about the influence of climate change on such extreme events and the potential for increased severity in the future.


link (see Section 2.2)

Analysis of the impact of possible hydrological extremes on large dams

Based on AI-based correlation analyses and hydrological models, a first prototypical demonstrator for visualizing the relationship between dam deformation and various influencing factors has been implemented.



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