Data Management and GIS

Geographic information is the basis for risk analysis and disaster management. The project group’s task is to provide, harmonise, analyse and visualise spatial data within CEDIM.

Project description


For the assessment of natural and man-made disasters including the respective hazards, vulnerability and risk, a broad base of related data and information is required. The base data have to be consistent for all analyses, and yet have to fulfil the requirements of each particular scientific discipline. Tools and methods have to be introduced to handle this data in an appropriate and consisten way.

Therefore, the first task of this sub-project is the development and maintenance of an appropriate data management including an information infrastructure which enables and ensures the use and exchange of data for interdisciplinary scientific work as well as networking between the two institutions University of Karlsruhe and GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam. A further aim of the project group is to analyse data relevant to disaster management using GIS tools. Moreover, scientific results of the spatial distribution of hazards and risks are made available as interactive maps to professional user groups as well as the general public using internet technology.


Results of this project group are the web-based applications CEDIM Data Center and CEDIM RiskExplorer Germany.

The Data Center allows the scientist within CEDIM to access consistent data for their analyses using an internal web-based data portal.
The CEDIM RiskExplorer Germany (Link) is a publicly available web-based mapping application that interactively presents the results of the project Risk map Germany. It allows the user to retrieve maps of datasets developed within the project CEDIM risk map Germany including natural and man-made hazards, vulnerability and risk as well as elements at risk. The users can interactively search for places and view the calculated values for these.



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