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CEDIM Risk Explorer Germany is a web-based map viewer that interactively presents the results of the CEDIM project "Riskmap Germany".

Click on the image to start the RiskExlorer.

Riskexplorer_germanyRiskExplorer Germany allows the user to retrieve  maps of datasets developed within the project CEDIM risk map Germany including natural and man-made hazards, vulnerability and risk as well as assets (elements at risk).











RiskExplorer - risk comparison for Saxony allows to compare the risk of flood, earthquake and winter storm for common return periods for all municipalities in Saxony.To use RiskExplorer - risk comparison for Saxony in Internet Explorer, you need an SVG plug-in such as the Adobe SVG Viewer.








Hazard Maps

A hazard is a potentially damaging physical event, phenomenon and/or human activity, which may cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption or environmental degradation. Within the CEDIM Riskmap Germany project, a hazard describes the probability of occurrence of a potentially destructive natural phenomenon in a defined area within a defined time period. For example, for earthquakes, the hazard map shows for each location the earthquake intensity that is expected to occur once in 500 years.

Vulnerability maps

The vulnerability (or susceptibility) of a system (structure, plant or facility, country or state, company etc.) towards harmful outside influences. The vulnerability maps show the degree of loss resulting from a hazard as a percentage.

Risk Maps

In general terms, risk means the possibility of a loss resulting from exposure to a hazard. Risk is assessed by analyzing hazards and the associated vulnerability. Within the CEDIM Riskmap Germany project, risk is expressed in expected monetary losses from a certain disaster type for a certain time period (so far, only regarding dwelling assets). Risk maps show the spatial allocation of risk, i.e. the expected damage or monetary loss for a certain time period.

Asset Maps

Assets are entities functioning as stores of value, from which economic benefits may be derived by their owners by holding them, or using them, over a period of time. In the context of the CEDIM Riskmap Germany, assets represent the elements that are at risk from natural or man-made hazards. The asset maps present the disaggregated spatial distribution of these elements within Germany.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Doris Dransch for further questions or comments.

A scientific paper on CEDIM RiskExplorer has been published in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences: http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.net/6/711/2006/nhess-6-711-2006.html