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  • Super Typhoon Haima
    Warning of the tropical cyclone Haima / Lawin for the Philippines and China.
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  • On-Site UPDATES on Hurricane "Matthew"
    Updated and extended report as PDF
    German summary available on ESKP
  • Earthquake near Amatrice, Central Italy
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  • High water/flooding in southern Germany May/June 2016 
    report as PDF (german or english)
  • CEDIM Follow-Up Investigation on the Nepal Earthquake
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  • Verwüstungen durch Überflutungen und Erdrutsche in der Südhälfte Deutschlands (besonders: Region Schwäbisch Hall)
    Informationen und Zusammenfassung
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  • Devastation caused by floods and landslides in the southern part of Germany (especially: region Schwäbisch Hall)
    Information and Summary
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  • We congratulate Dr. James Daniell on winning the KIT Doctoral Award 2015With the KIT Doctoral Award KIT acknowledges outstanding doctoral researchers.

  • Blizzard U.S. East Coast , January 2016
    Short summary

  • Natural Disasters since 1900: Over 8 Million Deaths and 7 Trillion US Dollars damage
    The CATDAT database contains socioeconomic loss and metrics from natural disasters globally: Floods have caused the highest damage, earthquakes and storms show an increasing role in recent times – Studies help catastrophe management.
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  • Block course „Insuring Catastrophe Risk“ of Dr. Gero Michel at the Geophysical Institute Wintersemester 2015/2016
    Further information concerning the block course and to sign up over ILIAS

  • CEDIM report on extreme rain events in Central Europe, 19th to 21st November 2015
    Within the time of 19th to 21st November 2015 several severe extreme rain events took place in Central Europe. The waterlevel of several rivers increased significantly and secondary storm damages were observed
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  • M=6,7 earthquake in Lefkada, Greece on November 17th 2015
    An earthquake with an intermediate strength of Mw=6,7 took place on November 17th 2015 in Greece, Lefkada at 07:10 UTC.
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  • Erdbeben Chile Mw 8.3, 16. September 2015
    CEDIM Situationsbericht zu Erdbeben und Tsunami

  • Field mission of CEDIM researchers after earthquake in Nepal
    Focus on shelter decisions
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  • CEDIM ist Teil des neuen deutschen Exzellenznetzwerks von IRDR
    IRDR ICoE Critical Infrastructures and Strategic Planning
    IRDR Centers of excellence

  • M=7.76 earthquake in Nepal, Kathmandu on April 25th 2015, 06:11 UTC
    A severe earthquake occurred in Nepal, Kathmandu on April 25th 2015, 06:11 UTC, with a Magnitude of 7,76. More than 8000 fatalities are expected.
    CEDIM report no. 3
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  • Guidebook for measuring of urban risk resilience
    Final release of the EMI report with contributions of the CEDIM team. The report was published and presented on 14-18 March 2015 at the third WCDRR.
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  • Willis Research Network Seminar, London
    Exploring European Extremes: An Afternoon with Willis
    CEDIM contribution with the "European Hail Model"
    13. Mai 2015, Willis Auditorium, London

  • The potential of crowdsourcing for disaster risk management
    In Munich Re’s recent publication, TOPICs GEO Natural Disasters 2014, CEDIM-scientist Stefan Hinz explains the role of crowdsourcing in CEDIM’s Near-real-time Forensic Disaster Analysis and talks about “looking for a needle in a haystack”.

  • CEDIM project OSMREX between GFZ in Potsdam and ICES in Geneva applying for the 2015 UNISDR Risk Award
    The collaborative CEDIM project OSMREX between GFZ in Potsdam and ICES (International Centre for Earth Simulation) in Geneva ranked within the 20 top applicants for the 2015 UNISDR Risk Award.
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  • Results of the joint project "Investigations on the Overcoming of the 2013 Flood"
    Presentation of the results of the joint project "Investigations on the Overcoming of the 2013 Flood", Federal Ministry of Research and Education at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science on February 19th, 2015
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  • CEDIM-Session: Forensic Disaster Analyses – Learning from Disasters auf der EGU 2015
    European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Wien | Österreich | 12 – 17 April 2015
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  • Typhoon "Hagupit", 06.-09.12.14
    CEDIM Bericht Nr. 1, 09.12.14, 12:00 GMT (engl.)

  • Summary on High Impact Weather November 2014 in the Mediterranean and the Alps
    During the first 18 days of November strong low pressure system repeatedly were responsible for enormous rain amounts in southern France, southern Switzerland, Italy, and around the western and central Mediterrenean Sea.
    The rain caused landslides, flooding, transport interruption and more than 10 deaths.
    CEDIM Bericht

  • New World Bank Report with contributions by CEDIM researcher online
    Software Packages Available to Quantify Risk from Natural Hazards link
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  • Typhoon "Rammasun", 15.-18.7.14
    CEDIM report No 1, July 18, 12:00 GMT: update July 30 2014 now online
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  • "Earth and Environment“ – Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP) online
    Current research results and consolidated background knowledge, amongst other things also on natural hazards, provided by eight Helmholtz centres. Also CEDIM's results are being presented here.
    ESKP Webseite

  • Our Climate – Our Future
    REKLIM International conference, one day for the general public
    October 6-9, 2014, Berlin
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  • Iquique-Earthquake, Chile; 1.4.2014
    Impact summary No. 2; Status: 03.04.2014, 11:00 pm

  • Invitation for the 5th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and 1st National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology; 19.-20.06.2014, Bucharest, Rumania
    For more information, please click here.

  • Forensic Disaster Analysis Session at EGU organized by CEDIM
    European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014
    Vienna | Austria | 27 April – 02 May 2014
    Forensic Disaster Analyses – Learning from Disasters

  • Winterstorm 'Xaver', Northern Central Europe, North Sea, South Scandinavia, Baltic Sea; 05.12.2013
    Report 1 Status: 06.12.2013 07:00pm  
  • Supertyphoon 'Haiyan' Philippines; 8.11.2013
    CEDIM Report No. 2, Status: 13.11.2013, 12:00 GMT 
  • alpS meets CEDIM
    First meeting for scientific exchange between CEDIM and alpS, November 18th 2013 at alpS-Centre, Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Fund-raiser at KIT for the reconstruction of the University of Tacloban
    Tuesday, November 19th at 07.30pm at KIT-Campus South, with talks about the development of typhoons and loss assessment.
    press information 144/2013 (german)
  • CEDIM Session at EGU 2014
    Call for papers – "NH9.2 - Forensic Disaster Analyses – Learning from Disasters" at the EGU General Assembly 2014 from 27 April – 02 May 2014. Online abstract submission is possible via the following link until the 16 January 2014
    EGU homepage
  • Bohol Earthquake, Philippines; 15.10.2013
    Bericht 6, Status: 02.11.2013, 02:00pm
  • June Flood 2013, Central Europe
    FDA: Report 2, Status: 20 June 2013, 10:00am
  • June Flood 2013 – Report 1 & 2
    The reports about the June Flood 2013 are now available in english.
    Report 1
    Report 2
  • June Flood 2013 - Report 1 Update 2
    Focus on Precondition, Meteorology, Hydrology; Status: 20. June 2013, 10:00 o'clock (Report)
  • CEDIM at the Sciencefestival „Effekte“ in Karlsruhe at 22./23. June 2013
  • June Flood 2013 - Interview
    CEDIM staff member Prof. Bruno Merz (Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre For Geoscience, Sec. 5.4) in an interview with the German news channel N24 (Berlin, 5. June 2013)
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  • June Flood 2013 - Report 2
    Focus: Flood Impacts and Resilience, Status: 11. June 2013 16 o'clock
    (Report 2)
  • June Flood 2013, Central Europe – CEDIM Forensic Disaster Analysis (FDA)
    Update – First Report
    Focus Germany, Status: 08. June 2013, 18:00 o'clock (report)
  • Information about heavy rain / flood in Central Europe and northern subalpine region
    Intensive rainfalls causes floods and landslides in southeast Germany, as well as in parts of Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic.

  • CEDIM Forensic Disaster Analysis (FDA) – June Flood 2013, Central Europe
    First report – focus on Germany, status 03. June 2013, 16 o'clock
    pdf (german)
  • Heavy thunderstorms with tornados over the Great Plains and Mid-West of the USA
    Badly affected was Oklahoma, where an EF5-Tornado struck Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City.
    Wettergefahren-Frühwarnung (german)
  • Warning: Heavy Rain from 30.05 - 02.06.2013 in Central Europe
    There is a risk of floods and landslides, particularly in the northern subalpine region (Lake Constance to Salzburg and Upper Austria).
  • Phreatic explosion at Mayon volcano, Philippines, 6 May 2013
    CEDIM consequently recommends to internationalize the alert levels and introduce standard definitions applicable globally.
  • Interview: Iran is a high risk region for earthquakes
    CEDIM member and section leader of the GFZ Prof. Dr. Frederik Tilmann (Section 2.4 - Seismology) gave an interview about the earthquake in the Iran/Pakistan border area.
    to the interview (german)
  • Test run: Crowd Sourcing
    Reactions on Twitter about the Iran/Pakistan (Mw 7.8) earthquake.
  • Environmental Disaster Management Lecture
    CEDIM members contribute to Master Study Program "Environmental Resources-Engineering" at KIT
    more information
  • Risk an Disaster Management
    CEDIM is involved in new online research profile of KIT
  • CEDIM analyzes Hurricane "Sandy" and its impact
    in a series of reports
    update: report No 2 (8 Nov) now online
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  • CEDIM concerned by sentencing of scientists
    in connection with the L’Aquila earthquake of 6 April 2009
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  • Freezing rain in Southwest Germany
    An analysis of the freezing rain weekend from the 19 - 21.01 can be found at Wettergefahren-Frühwarnung.

    to the report (german)

  • Hurricane 18L "Sandy", US East Coast
    detailed information on the evolution of the Hurricane is available on the German webpage
  • extreme drought and record heat in the US, spring and summer 2012
    CEDIM researchers analyze the evolution of the drought and its impacts in a number of reports.
    to the reports

  • Typhoon Saola, Taiwan and Philippines, 31st July to 3rd August 2012
    CEDIM Researchers analyze causes and impacts.
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  • First WRN-Fellow at CEDIM
    boosts research activities in hail risk.
    Willis Hail Hazard Assessment

  • Ferrara Earthquake Sequence 20.5.2012 – 29.5.2012, Italy
    CEDIM researchers summarize and report main aspects of the sequence.
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  • Seminar "Systemic Risks"
    Lecture Seminar by GPI, ITAS and ZAK / Studium Generale
    Summer Semester 2012
    read more (german)

  • Flood hazards and climate change
    New CEDIM Research Report published on January 19th 2012.
    Press release

    zum Projektbericht

  • Cold spell in Europe
    Latest news, forecasts and background informations about the actual cold spell in Europe are available on the German webpage

  • Damaging Earthquakes Database 2011 – The Year in Review
    new research report in the CEDIM Earthquake Loss Estimation Series
    to the report

  • Earthquake in Eastern Turkey on Oct. 23 2011, M7.1-M7.3
    CEDIM started a series of reports on its research on the earthquake and its impact
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    CEDIM institutes contribute to new international project on eartquake risk reduction
    more about REAKT

  • Floods in Northern Thailand August - October 2011
    read more about the floods (in German language)

  • Floods in Pakistan, September 2011
    read more about the event (in German language):

  • CATDAT damaging earthquakes database
    neuer Artikel online
    zum Artikel

  • Risk Analysis e-learning course developed by CEDIM researchers
    for World Bank / GFDRR Natural Disaster Risk Management distant learning programm now being offered
    Instructor’s manual for e-learning course

  • seismic wallpaper - intelligent earthquake protection
    wins award in German competition
    "356 Orte im Land der Ideen"
    prize-giving on July 15th (in German)

  • Vulcanic Eruption "Grimsvötn", Iceland
    since May 21 2011: information on the eruption and dispersion simulation of ash particles based on the COSMO-ART model developed at KIT

  • updated CATDAT Earthquake Situation Report on Main Social Impacts of the Tohoku Earthquake
    to the CATDAT Report Nr. 24

  • new partnership with Fraunhofer IOSB
    in decision support systems and early warning technologies
    zur Pressemitteilung des KIT

  • Seminar über aktuelle Fragen der Risikoforschung zum Honshu-Beben in Japan
    Das GPI und CEDIM bieten im SS2011 ein Seminar für Studierende natur-, ingenieur- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Ausrichtung (ab 5. Semester) zu Fragen des Erdbebenrisikos an. Das Seminar findet montags von 12.00-13.30 Uhr im Seminarraum Geophysik (Geb. 6.42) statt und beginnt am 18.04.2011. Anmeldungen bis 13.04.2011 bei Prof. Dr. Friedemann Wenzel.
    weitere Informationen

  • Honshu-Earthquake - Magnitude 8.9, Japan, 11 March 2011
    CEDIM's information about earthquake, tsunami and consequences
    more information

  • New CATDAT Earthquake Estimate
    of economic and socio-economic losses of the Sendai earthquake
    to the CATDAT Report Nr. 10

  • Changes of flood risk
    project started on flood risk in the Elbe catchment
    to the project

  • CATDAT Damaging Volcanoes Database 2010 – The Year in Review
    New Volume (2011-02) of CEDIM Loss Estimation Series
    available for download
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  • Critical infrastructures
    new project launched to develop a decision support system
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  • CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database 2010 – The Year in Review
    New Volume (2011-01) of CEDIM Loss Estimation Series
    available for download
    to the report

  • Risk comparison Saxony
    New CEDIM RiskExplorer
    Jetzt online

  • Risiko 2.0
    11. Forum Katastrophenvorsorge
    January 18-19, 2011, Potsdam
    announcement and call for abstracts

  • "Wir sind nicht genügend auf Erdbeben vorbereitet"
    contribution to ZEIT online "Im Bann der Elemente"
    read more

  • Population Estimation for Megacities:
    Contribution to JB GIS / UN Spider booklet "Geoinformation for Disaster and Risk Management"
    now online

  • New Research Report online:
    Earthquake risk map development using GIS and optical satellite imagery: A case study for rural areas on Java, Indonesia
    research report

  • Weather hazards - early warning
    Analysis of heat wave in Eastern Europe (in German)
    26.07. - 08/11/2010


  • Weather hazards - early warning
    Analysis heavy precipatation/floods in the alps, South-Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Poland 
    (in German)
    more information

  • Crisis management for large-area power blackouts
    handbook for decision support published
    furtherinformation and short version (german)

  • New Research report online:
    Planning law aspects of flood protection in Baden-Württemberg
    (in German)
    to the report

  • Seminar natural hazards and climate change
    21-22. June 2010 at the GFZ Potsdam
    more information

  • Weather hazards - early warning
    Analysis of volcanic eruption

    "Eyjafjallajökull", Iceland
    20.03. - 20.04.2010
    (in German)
    more information

  • Willis Research Network
    CEDIM has joint Willis Research Network.
    press article