ZEBBRA: Event based identification and assessment of bridge conditions based on radar sensors in combination with intelligent algorithms

The increasing load on transport infrastructure by passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as ageing of this infrastructure cause use restrictions and economic damages due to congestions and diverted traffic. The German highway network consists of about 40.000 bridges which are an important part of the critical transport infrastructure. Damage of the building structure is difficult to detect in an early stage, which is why the actual condition of a bridge often remains uncertain.

The objective of the ZEBBRA-project is to develop a non-invasive, mobile and innovative approach for measurement and procedures in order to record and assess the bridge condition under normal operation. This approach is based on high-precision ground based radar sensors which measure the bridge vibration caused by passing vehicles. These data are then analysed with intelligent algorithms, and an assessment of the condition is carried out.

Main tasks of IPF are:

  • Evaluation and analysis of radar data including a comparison of accuracy, data properties and reliability with conventional sensors
  • Modelling of point displacement with the radar data in at least two dimensions
  • Validation of event detection with images from UAV
  • Analysis of measurement possibilities and positions for installation of the radar sensors

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