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Test run Crowd Sourcing: Reactions on Twitter about the Iran/Pakistan-borderregion earthquake

The earthquake near the Iran-Pakistan border on 16th April 2013 (Mw 7.8) had a depth ofaround 80 km. Due to this depth the destruction was quite small (around 35 people killed and around 80 people injured). Anyway, the seismic waves were felt in the whole Persian Gulf region and in India. The reaction on Twitter reflects this phenomena, where users report the impact, which they felt directly after the earthquake. (Silke Eggert, GFZ (Sek. 2.1); Joachim Fohringer, GFZ (Sek. 1.5))

The maps shows:


Iran Earthquake tweets per location
Number of tweets per town Tweets clssified after content
Iran Earthquake tweet felt-intensity Iran Earthquake tweet intensity per location
Tweets after felt intensity Tweets after intensity per town