Earthquake in Nepal 25 April 2015 M7.7 to M8.0

Field mission of CEDIM researchers after earthquake in Nepal

Research team S. Brink, J. Anhorn, B. Khazai, and T. Girard with local interviever at Tudikhel Shelter Site (Foto: S. Brink, KIT).

In June, a team of CEDIM researchers analyzed the impacts of the earthquake in Nepal on April 25 in a two-week field mission. The main focus of the field mission was shelter after the earthquake. With a survey on household-level, the researchers investigated vulnerability to being displaced, information needs and decision processes to seek shelter. During their field mission, the CEDIM team with Dr. Bijan Khazai, Dr. Susan A. Brink, and Trevor Girard from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT and Johannes Anhorn from the Southasia Institute, Heidelberg University, closely collaborated with their colleagues of the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) and of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute EERI.

Report on the findings the field mission:

link to the report

For more information also visit: and this article (Status: May 2016).

CEDIM has been analyzing the earthquake and its impact since April 25th. The results of the near-real-time analyses are published in several reports.

Reports concerning the earthquake

Report 1 - Status April 27th 2015 20:00
Report 2 - Status May 5th 2015. Focus on shelter response and vulnerability of displaced population
Report 3 - Status May 12th 2015 16:00
Report 4 - Status July 17th 2015