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News Archive 2009-2012

Environmental Disaster Management Vorlesung

CEDIM members contribute to Master Study Program "Environmental Resources-Engineering" at KIT

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Risiko und Risikomanagement
Risk and Disaster Management

CEDIM is involved in new online research profile of KIT

Zugbahn Hurrican "Sandy" 30-10-2012
CEDIM analyzes Hurricane "Sandy" and its impact

in a series of reports
update: report No 2 (8 Nov) now online

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Emblem Scales, Source: Wikimedia commons
CEDIM concerned by sentencing of scientists

in connection with the L’Aquila earthquake of 6 April 2009

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Freezing rain in Southwest Germany

An analysis of the freezing rain weekend from the 19 - 21.01 can be found at Wettergefahren-Frühwarnung.

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Logo ISCRAM and globe
ISCRAM 2013 - call for papers

we invite contributions to the conference tracks "integrated understanding of disasters" and "decision support"  

more about the tracks and about ISCRAM 2013
Satellitenbild Hurrican "Sandy" 28-10-2012
Hurricane 18L "Sandy", US East Coast

detailed information on the evolution of the Hurricane is available on the German webpage

extreme drought and record heat in the US, spring and summer 2012

CEDIM researchers analyze the evolution of the drought and its impacts in a number of reports.

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C logo CEDIM
CEDIM has moved

since 1st July 2012 CEDIM's head office is located at the GFZ.

new address
Willis Logo
First WRN-Fellow at CEDIM

boosts research activities in hail risk. 

Project HARIS-CC
earthquake damage in Cavezzo, Italiy
Ferrara Earthquake Sequence 20.5.2012 – 29.5.2012, Italy

CEDIM researchers summarize and report main aspects of the sequence.

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Seminar "Systemic Risks"

Lecture Seminar by GPI, ITAS and ZAK / Studium Generale
Summer Semester 2012

Further information (German)
Flood hazards and climate change

New CEDIM Research Report published on January 19th 2012.
Press release

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Tmax-Temp.-Abw. am 07.02.
Cold spell in Europe

Latest news, forecasts and background informations about the actual cold spell in Europe are available on the German webpage

Damaging Earthquakes Database 2011 – The Year in Review

new research report in the CEDIM Earthquake Loss Estimation Series

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Logo CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group
Earthquake in Eastern Turkey on Oct. 23 2011, M7.1-M7.3 CEDIM started a series of reports on its research on the earthquake and its impact go to the reports
FP7 REAKT CEDIM institutes contribute to new international project on eartquake risk reduction
more about REAKT
Satellitenbild 07.10.2011
Floods in Northern Thailand August - October 2011

read more about the floods (in German language)

Satellitenbild 15.09.2011
Floods in Pakistan, September 2011

read more about the event (in German language):

Bild Titelseite Handbuch
Risk Analysis e-learning course developed by CEDIM researchers

for World Bank / GFDRR Natural Disaster Risk Management distant learning programm now being offered

Instructor’s manual for e-learning course
Logo Land der Ideen
seismic wallpaper - intelligent earthquake protection

wins award in German competition
"356 Orte im Land der Ideen"

prize-giving on July 15th (in German)
Satellitenbild 22.05.2011, 13:58 UTC, NOAA19 VIS Quelle: B.J.Burton
Vulcanic Eruption "Grimsvötn", Iceland

since May 21 2011: information on the eruption and dispersion simulation of ash particles based on the COSMO-ART model developed at KIT



Logo Fraunhofer IOSB
new partnership with Fraunhofer IOSB

in decision support systems and early warning technologies

press release (in German)
Seminar über aktuelle Fragen der Risikoforschung zum Honshu-Beben in Japan

Das GPI und CEDIM bieten im SS2011 ein Seminar für Studierende natur-, ingenieur- oder wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Ausrichtung (ab 5. Semester) zu Fragen des Erdbebenrisikos an. Das Seminar findet montags von 12.00-13.30 Uhr im Seminarraum Geophysik (Geb. 6.42) statt und beginnt am 18.04.2011. Anmeldungen bis 13.04.2011 bei Prof. Dr. Friedemann Wenzel.

Weitere Infos im VAB des Seminars
Measurement of the Honshu-Earthquake - Magnitude 8.9, Japan, 11 March 2011 at GEOFON-station in Indonesia.
Honshu-Earthquake - Magnitude 8.9, Japan, 11 March 2011

CEDIM's information about earthquake, tsunami and consequences

more information
Vorschau Graphik
New CATDAT Earthquake Estimate

of economic and socio-economic losses of the Sendai earthquake

CATDAT Report No. 10
Changes of flood risk

project started on flood risk
in the Elbe catchment

CATDAT Damaging Volcanoes Database 2010 – The Year in Review

New Volume (2011-02) of CEDIM Loss Estimation Series
available for download

Critical infrastructures

new project launched to develop a decision support system

CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database 2010 – The Year in Review

New Volume (2011-01) of CEDIM Loss Estimation Series
available for download

Risk comparison Saxony

New CEDIM RiskExplorer

Now online
Risiko LOGO
Risiko 2.0 11. Forum Katastrophenvorsorge
January 18-19, 2011, Potsdam announcement and call for abstracts
"Wir sind nicht genügend auf Erdbeben vorbereitet"

contribution to ZEIT online
"Im Bann der Elemente"

Cedim Logo
Next CEDIM-Workshop

January 17 2011, Potsdam

Cedim Logo
Special Talk

"Mumbai Disaster Risk Management – Scientific Knowledge for Public Policy"
Prof. Ravi Sinha and Prof. Alok Goyal, IIT, Bombay
October 14th 2010, Geophysical Institute, building No 6.42

Population Estimation for Megacities:

Contribution to JB GIS / UN Spider booklet "Geoinformation for Disaster and Risk Management"

Now online
Report Yogya
New Research Report online:

Earthquake risk map development using GIS and optical satellite imagery: A case study for rural areas on Java, Indonesia 

Research Report
Hitze Bild
Weather hazards - early warning

Analysis of heat wave in Eastern Europe (in German)
26.07. - 08/11/2010

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Weather hazards - early warning

Analysis heavy precipatation/floods in the alps, South-Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Poland 
(in German)

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New Research report online:

Planning law aspects of flood protection in Baden-Württemberg (in German)

Research reports
Seminar Bild
Seminar natural hazards and climate change

21-22. June 2010 at the GFZ Potsdam

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Wettergefahren Bild
Weather hazards - early warning

Analysis of volcanic eruption
"Eyjafjallajökull", Iceland
20.03. - 20.04.2010
(in German)

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Earthquake Loss Estimation Series
Earthquake Loss Estimation Series

Next Volume of Earthquake Loss Estimation Series available for download.

Publication in the Research Report
Research Reports Bild
Earthquake Loss Estimation Series

First Volume of Earthquake Loss Estimation Series available.

Research Reports
Willis Research Network

CEDIM has joint the Willis Research Network.

press article