Daily updated information about the spread of COVID-19 at district level in the new CEDIM/Risklayer Explorer

Together with Risklayer GmbH and a team of volunteers, CEDIM collects and analyses current data on the development of the corona pandemic. In interactive maps, the multiple quality-assured data provide a quick overview of case numbers and changes in mobility in Germany and worldwide at regional level.


Natural disasters: Better assessing the risk of flooding

Andreas Schäfer in conversation with SWR.


BadMuenstereifel1_750x500.jpgBernd März (Unwetter-Freaks)
Supplement to CEDIM FDA Report Nr.1 "Hochwasser Mitteleuropa 2021 (Deutschland)"

pdf (Last update: 10. August 2021)

andreas-schaefer_750x500.jpgAndreas Schäfer
Also take your own warnings seriously

Corona numbers are rising faster than they have since autumn 2020. Andreas Schäfer from CEDIM explains in an interview with ZDF how the fourth wave in Germany could be stopped.

link (in German)

Flood research: "Every single one of us needs risk competence"

How an extreme event becomes a natural disaster. Helmholtz in conversation with the authors Andreas Schäfer and Michael Kunz.

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CEDIM-FDAHochwasser2021_News_750x500.pngAndreas Schäfer
Flood Risks Were Significantly Underestimated

CEDIM presents report on flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia - Damages could exceed ten billion euros.


link (In German)

BadMuenstereifel1_750x500.jpgBernd März (Unwetter-Freaks)
CEDIM FDA Report Nr.1 "Hochwasser Mitteleuropa 2021 (Deutschland)"

pdf (In German)

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